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The Parsons Behle & Latimer Estate Planning program is designed to provide estate strategies ranging from simple wills and basic testamentary trusts to sophisticated plans that achieve substantial tax savings for our clients or implement unique distributive arrangements.

We help to achieve client goals and objectives such as:

  • Ensuring the right heirs receive the right assets.
  • Ensuring proper trustees and personal representatives are named.
  • Ensuring spouses and children (including children of prior marriages in some instances) are fairly provided for.
  • Ensuring tax savings are considered and implemented where consistent with the overall plan.
  • Addressing specific or unusual situations.

We analyze, design, and document outright gifts and gifts through trusts, such as education, life insurance, charitable remainder, charitable lead, and generation skipping trusts. We form entities to hold, manage and transferring from one generation to the next, family wealth and investments through family foundations, family partnerships, and limited liability companies.

Our probate practice focuses on the efficient and prompt administration of estates. We have helped clients to administer and settle large, complex, and contested estates, and we regularly process routine probates on a cost-effective basis.


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