Planning that Protects Everything you Own and Everyone you Love.

Michael W. McGreaham

Attorney at Law

Our clients involve us when they are planning for the two most important things in their lives; everything they own and everyone they love. Our clients share their hopes and dreams their values and goals; we listen and then help them implement a plan that reflects their unique vision. We work with you to design a personalized plan that will meet your needs not only for today but in the years to come. This approach results in plans that work. Our plans promote harmony within the family and a lasting legacy that will continue to reflect your values and ideals for generations.

Our clients are motivated to provide the best possible planning for their families to minimize the burdens of incapacity and death. They are motivated by doing what is best for themselves and their loved ones. They are seeking the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they have the most comprehensive estate plan possible. We strive to help you understand that the real value of a comprehensive estate plan is not just tax dollars saved, but the passing of your legacy to your loved ones.

We also help clients prepare for the worst in terms of medical emergencies by putting together a series of documents that will ensure their designated loved ones have the tools to make medical decisions on their behalf; have access to their medical records and can be contacted in the event of an emergency. To do this, our clients receive a wallet card that ensures they can access this important information in times of crisis. Each and every plan we design comes with a service called Docubank, to store your emergency medical documents online so you, your family and your medical services providers can reach them at the touch of a button anywhere in the world.